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Season 2 Token Set

Compatible with Guild Ball.

Made from 3mm transparent red acrylic.

Set contains - 46 tokens and 1 AOE ring - 15 Influence / 2 Goal Influence / 1 x Loved Creature / 3 x Sanguine Pool / 2 x Super Shot Kick / 2 x Swift Stance / 2 x Dirty Knives / 1 of Tooled Up, They Aint Tough, Tough Skin, Dodge Used, Hamstring, Marked Target, Get 'Em Lads, Thousand Cuts Def, Rebid Animal, Butchery/ 3 x Quick Foot/ 2 x Above & Beyond Influence/ 1 x Dodge Used.  Large base tokens 1 of Sturdy Used, Seismic Kick, Hog Wild. AOE ring 1 x Bleeding.

Tokens are supplied unpainted, the ones in the picture have been painted with acrylic paint so the designs show up better. They come with a protective front and back which is to be removed.