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Season 2 Token Set

Compatible with Guild Ball.

Made from 3mm black acrylic.

Set contains - 30 tokens and 2 x AOE rings - 15 Influence /  Goal Influence / 2 x Singled Out/ 2x Rabid Animal/ 2 x Confidence/ 1 of each, Shutout, Screetching Banshee, Tucked, Heavy Burden, Dodge Used, Reanimate Used. 1 x Ghostly Visage AOE, 1 x Embalming Fluis AOE/ 3 x Reanimate/ 2 x Rabid Animal/ 1 of Packmaster, Fear Used, Grave Digger, Rising, Anger Used, Second Wind.  Large Base tokens 1 of Swift Wind, Reanimate Used and Offensive Defense.

Tokens are supplied unpainted, the ones in the picture have been painted with acrylic paint so the designs show up better. They come with a protective front and back which is to be removed.