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Laser Cutting and Engraving Service

If there is a project you want cutting or engraving but don't have your own laser or the time to sit at one of our machines, send your design to us. We can help with all aspects of your job requirements.


We are running three 80 watt machines. Two are 600mm x 900mm and One 900mm x 1200mm. Whilst this is the maximum size of the bed, we can handle larger sheets, all machines have pass through doors.

Cylindrical objects can also be cut or engraved with our rotary attachment.

All our machines can cut or engrave.


Manufactured boards including MDF, veneered MDF and birch plywood are the most common choices for both cutting and engraving as they are readily available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. These tend to be cheaper and more stable than a solid wood equivalant.

Natural woods and hardwoods can also be used but you're limited by the availability of the material and also in some cases cost.

Results can be as eaqualy impressive in both natural and manufactured woods. But as with all natural products and more so with the engraving, results vary piece by piece.


Laser cutting a huge range of plastics. Acrylic, ABS, PETG, Delrin, Hips – you name it, we can probably cut it.

The list of plastic colours or combinations and effects is almost endless and technology has even given us an immitation brushed metal finish which is almost idistinguishable from the real thing.

In general there are two different types of plastics; Thermo softening plastics (melt when heated) and Thermosetting plastics (set when heated). Thermo softening plastics tend to laser cut much more cleanly and more often than not leave a slightly polished edge.

We can't cut

Polycarbonate, Carbonfibre, Metals, Fibre Glass, Vinyl and Glass.

We will not cut anything containg PVC. It is corrosive to the machines and the fumes are poisonous.

Animal, Vegetable or Mineral?

Animal hide (Leather) cuts very well and any odour can soon be removed with sandlewood oil.

Yes vegetables cut in the machine as well with varying degrees of success, as have crackers, fajitas and cheese squares (messey).

We DON'T DO HUMAN TATOO's. Even if you do fall into the vegetable catagory.

Mother Of Pearl has been cut with varied success alot being piece dependant.

What else can you do?

You can engrave stone, ceramics, slate and glass with spectacular results.

Mark metals using a special paste or spray.

Mark glass with a similar product as the metals.

Cut foam inserts for carry cases.

Cut paper,card and stencil plastic

Engrave paper, card and fabrics.

How much will it cost?

This all depends on your drawing ability, the materials being used and the complexity of the cutting or engraving.

What we need to know.

Tell us all you can about your project.

What's the material you want to use or sending us.

Dimensions and any special handling requirements.

File format. Files can be from the most popular drawing package formats and we can work with Adobe Illustrator .Ai, Corel Draw .CDR, CAD drawing files .dxf .dwg, Vector graphic files .SVG and even some plotter files .PLT.

Is your arwork ready to cut. Obviously the most cost effective way is to send us your artwork ready to cut. But if needs be we can help. Please see the Design section for more information on artwork