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Maul Collection Ltd Edition 2

Complete Set

High quality version 2 compatible Darth Maul collection. Limited Edition 2.

Matt Black acrylic.

Template set - Colour printed on one side and engraved on the other. Two sets for one price.

Comprises of -

Ship marker

Range 1,2 and 3 template
5 Movement template
4 Movement template
3 Movement template
2 Movement template
1 Movement template

3 Bank template
2 Bank template
1 Bank template

3 Turn template
2 Turn template
1 Turn template

2 Layer tray with engraved design lid.

Token Layer. Colour printed design.

Standard damage deck, engraved design. Holds sleeved cards.

Promo damage deck, engraved design. Holds sleeved cards.

Set of 10 shield tokens, colour printed.

Set of 6 target locks, colour printed.

Bag ID Card, colour printed. Name and contact number must be provided for the print.

Fully painted where the prducts are engraved.

A discount has been applied in the price of the full set.

Due to high demand for a 2nd edition, we have incorporated the colour printed tech to the range and increased the product range.